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Ah the little things

On a mini road trip to Camrose last weekend we stopped at a cute little coffee shop called The G.O.A.T Coffee Co. which features a saloon inspired façade, friendly staff, ample outdoor seating and sweet branded to-go cups.

Not only was the coffee good, their standard white cups, with branded stamp, came with a little something extra that put a smile on our faces.

The stamp design has a playful tone while clearly noting where the tasty drink is from, who ordered it and what was ordered. From a practical point, this allows their team to make the right drink for the right person and lets the customer confirm it is correct when it’s handed to them – in this case an almond milk cappuccino. From a personal side, this offers a friendly approach which can go a long way to building a loyal customer base.

Using branded stamps on biodegradable drink and food containers/ wrappers is a great way to get their name out while reducing their costs as it means they can order blank cups instead of custom ones with pre-printed logos.

At Splashing Duck we are true believers in the little details and the role they play in building relationships. Remember, marketing doesn’t have to be expensive; It just needs to be consistent and in the right places.

Thanks The G.O.A.T Coffee Co. for the yummy coffee!

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