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Are customer personas still relevant?

Yes! and here is why

Customer personas provide critical insight and an in-depth understanding of who your purchasers are and what makes them buy your products or services. This allows you to be adaptive and proactive in today’s crowded and competitive market by providing relevant and relatable advertisements and content to the needs, wants and demands of your current and potential clients. So now that we have stablished their relevance, let’s dive into what customer personas are and where they come from. Simply put, a customer persona is a detailed report of your customer built using real data and/ or market research mapping out the buyer behind “buyer decisions”. If you are visual like me, imagine a dating app profile without any exaggeration or curation – just the facts. Marketers and management teams use the insight and deeper understanding of their customers’ needs and desires gleaned from customer personas:

  • as a guide for product and service development based around a solution-based philosophy

  • to prioritize projects, advertising campaigns and initiatives

Customer personas (aka buyer personas) are not a new concept. In fact, they have been around for over a decade. Most sources attribute Alan Cooper and the publication of his book, The Inmates Are Running the Asylum, in March 2009 as the origin of buyer personas. In this book, Cooper presented personas as a way of differentiating users within a group and from there the concept took off. Interested in learning more or developing your own customer personas? Check out the Make My Persona resource from Hubspot or send us a message; we would love to help you take things to the next level!

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