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Brand Essence is.....

Simply put, brand essence is the emotion customers / consumers experience with regard to your brand. It is generally a word or two that are best conveyed in a phrase, photo or story. This small little characteristic is the heart and soul of how you operate expressed through connection with your employees and to your customers via customer service. Brand essence, done right, has a huge impact on brand recognition and awareness.

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Although this is a time consuming and in-depth process, here are four steps to get you started on establishing your own brand essence:

  • Create a list of what you believe your company offers and a list of what your top three competitors offer

  • From these list, determine what on the list (bias aside) sets you apart from your competitors? .

  • Look at these from a customer stand point, can these offerings be equated to a feeling?

  • Write down one to five words that will tell the customers what makes your company move forward

  • From an owner / manager standpoint, can the company and its employees consistently deliver this feeling to other employees and your customers?

  • That's it, you’re done!

Need some examples to get your mind going? No worries, we have that covered!

Looking for someone to help with the process? Give us a call or send us a massage, we would be glad to assist!

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