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Can I get you a moldy Whopper?

Burger King's latest Whopper campaign is far from their usual direction; in fact it is completely different than anything their consumers have seen in a very long time.

This campaign features a moldy version of their burger illustrating that they do not preservatives that do not exist in nature. This is an attention grabbing campaigned to shock you and might even be a direct play off the reputation McDonald's had a few years back for their food not molding due to the preservatives used.

I personally love this campaign, not because it causes a visceral reaction (although I do enjoy that aspect) but because the message is so clear.

We live in a world where so many of us are trying to live healthier lives by improving our eating habits through reducing the amount of non-natural products including pesticides and preservatives.

This campaign directly addresses those preferences, lets the consumer know the company hears them and does a great job of standing out in a crowded market filled.

But if I am honest, this campaign won't lead to an alteration in my eating habits where Burger King would be incorporated as we just don't eat this way but I can see how this could increase their whopper sales, especially with their target market.

To experience the commercial aspect of the campaign, click below.

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