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Champagne anyone?

Everyday big companies are coming up with new ways to not only reach their consumer but to do so in a way that creates a little buzz around their brand.

A recent take on a vending machine released by the french champagne company Moet and Chandon is a great example of this.

#MoetGuerlain vending machines have been popping up in a higher end restaurant or hotels for a while and demonstrate that brands can work together to elevate their brand position.

Partnering up with a related service can be a great opportunity for smaller businesses as it allows you to address more of your customers needs and enhance their overall experience.

A few smaller scale examples of this would be a mover pairing up with a storage unit place, an audio company working with a lighting company to provide an audio and lighting package for events, or a spa working with a neighbouring cafe to provide scrumptious lunches as part of their spa day packages and the cafe running a contest to win a spa day.

Don't forget you don't need to be a big brand with a large marketing budget to have an impact. Look for opportunities and partnerships that align with your company's values and strategy.

Think out of the box and make a splash!

Now, if seeing this Champagne vending machine has you thinking it would be a great addition to your home, you are in luck! This unique piece of branding can now be a feature in your home or office thanks to Neiman Marcus. You can purchase it online in one of 3 colours and add a personal touch with either your name or favourite expression or name.

Click here to be transported to the product page!

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