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Email Marketing - Part 3

Customer experience and engagement

Email campaigns are a great way to enhance the experience of your current or future customers. Setting up drip campaigns or an automated email series for welcoming new subscribers or customers can establish a relationship and make your life easier. A typical 3-email sequence for a welcome series includes an email thanking the new subscriber followed by a broadly appealing or brand promise email, and finally a special offer or answering common questions with their answers. Following the sequence, add them to your general subscribers' list.

Don't forget that your business is unique, and emails should enhance the image of your brand. Suppose you are an environmentally friendly clothing company like Ten Tree, your email welcome sequence should reflect the values and missions of your company. In that case, chances are, these are why your subscribers opted-in in the first place.

I would also suggest a flow for re-engaging subscribers who have not opened an email in a while. This is referred to as a "win-back" campaign. If they remain inactive after this, you can remove them from your list.

Measuring email marketing success with metrics

Marketers and most of their clients know that measuring the effectiveness of marketing efforts is essential. Like the rest of your tactics and campaigns, you'll need to establish goals, determine benchmarks and review the analytics to determine if your campaign has been successful. If you do this, you'll have an understanding of what's working and what's not. This information is vital to improving your efforts, maintaining subscribers, and reaching the goals set out.


As part of your strategy, consider what metrics you will use to benchmark against. If your business is new to email marketing, consider using industry standards for this. Typically, the following metrics are used for an email campaign:

  • Open rate – the number of people who opened your email

  • Click-through rate – how many people clicked a link in your email

  • Bounce rates – emails that were not able to be delivered

  • Unsubscribe rates – how many people unsubscribe when they open your email

  • Shares – The number of times someone shared your email or the content from the email

Benchmarks differ between industries, so you'll need to do a little research. According to Smart Insights, the average of the three most common metrics across all industries are:

  • 16.97% Open rate

  • 10.29% Click-through rate

  • 10.59% bounce rates

If your looking for industry-specific benchmarks, I highly recommend checking out Smart Insights and Benchmark Email.

Next blog we will wrap up this series by pulling it all together!

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