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Email signature 101

A good email signature is essentially the modern-day business card – it contains all the relevant information that the recipient (external or internal) may need to get ahold of you. Further to this, it allows for the ability to click-through to your website and to start a new email. This also demonstrates professionalism and brand consistency.

There are two short cuts to email signatures that diminish the perceived professionalism of a company:

  1. Relying on the simple text-based signature consisting of just a name and a phone number under the email account set up on a smart phone.

  • Using a .jpeg (picture) with the logo and contact information in it. This can be frustrating for someone who is trying to get ahold of you as they cannot copy the phone number or email address.

So, what can a small business do without spending a lot of money?

A professional, branded email signature template should be part of the branding package an agency provides you with. But, if it wasn’t or you don’t have a branding package, here is the simplest way to create a professional looking e-signature.

First, Check out some examples and decide if you prefer your logo to the right, left , above or below your contact information.

Once this is decided, create your signature using columns in either Word (for outlook signatures) or Google Docs (if it’s a Gmail signature)

In Word or Google Docs, insert a table with two columns (if the logo will be on the left or right) or two rows (if the logo will be above or below)

  1. Insert a table with the correct rows or columns

  2. Insert a .png version of your logo into the column that corresponds with where you would like your logo to be

  3. Then insert your contact information using your brand typography

*Note here I have suggested a .png file and not a .jpeg. If you are not sure what a .png is or when to use a .png vs a .jpeg, send me a message or watch for a future post!

Once you have the table full and like the look of it, select both columns and copy the table.

  1. Open The signature box in Outlook or locate the signature box in Gmail under ‘settings’

  2. Paste the table in the signature box and set your parameters to include it in both new messages and replys.

  3. Save and exit – you are now done.

*Note in Gmail, you will need to replace the image by using the “insert picture” option in the customization bar. Make sure the image is small or medium not original size

Here are the links to both Outlook and Gmail support in case you run into any problems.

Don’t forget, Splashing Duck would love to help you out! We offer full branding solutions at affordable prices.

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