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Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in Response to COVID19

A huge thank you to Bill Roberts and Paul Huculak, the hosts of “What’s Up?” at RADIOYOU.CA - Strathcona County for having our Director of Marketing, Samantha Russell, on their show Monday night to talk about some simple marketing tips small businesses can implement on their own in response to the #COVID19 crisis.

In case you missed it, here is a quick recap of the top 3 tips she shared:

1. Look to how other companies are pivoting to see if they are doing something you could do too. A few favourite examples for us are:

  • the local Edmonton restaurant, RGE RD now offers a rotating weekly menu and farm fresh meat packs for curbside pick up.

  • West Edmonton Fit Body Boot Camp reduced membership fees, hosts live workouts 5 days a week (a pre-recorded one on the 6th day) complete with modifications they know their clients need, customized nutritional coaching, and fun challenges for engagement and community feel.

  • Australian wedding planners are now offering ‘cancelation and rescheduling’ packages to help their current clients and to attract new clients.

  • Boutique retail shops are using Iphone photos of their products posted and a simple shopping site like Spotify to transition to online and pick up shopping options.

2. Optimize your website and social channels

  • If you have products to sell, look at ecommerce solutions like Shopify to get an online store up and running. Shopify is not only super easy to use; it is Canadian too!

  • Add a chat feature and make sure someone on your team is responding. This will help build relationships and can have a huge impact on buying decisions.

  • Add a pop up or banner noting what your team is doing in response to COVID 19.i. Are you still open?ii. How your team is working to keep your customers safe.iii. If delivery times might be affected.

3. Focus on relationships

  • Think about what you currently have out in the market and whether or not the content of your advertising and auto response messages make sense. Hit pause on anything that might not play well in light of our current situation.

  • Reach out to your current clients to see how they are doing. This is NOT a selling call. You can offer solutions if they make sense and fit the problem your client is experiencing.

  • Take care in packaging and delivery of your goods and services. Simple thank you cards for letting them know you appreciate their business during this time and that they chose to support local

We know marketing can seem like an expense which can be cut but remember not everything that is marketing is expensive. Our team can set you up with a comprehensive strategy so that you can do your marketing ‘in-house’ and keep your costs down.

Reach out with any questions or comments you might have. We would love to chat!

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