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The need to know marketing trend for businesses in 2020

Image Source: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash Shoppable Posts Over the last decade we saw social media take hold of our personal lives and dominate online marketing. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are our predominate source of entertainment and information.

From a marketing standpoint, we have seen social media marketing transform from simply being a place to organically grow an audience and to build credibility, to a place where users can access us 24/7, book appointments and even buy our products with the click of a button.

Image Source: The ability to create shoppable posts is a huge opportunity for businesses both big and small. Over 70% of Instagram users have purchased a product on the app and sites like Pintrest still have evolved so much so that they are now primarily used as a way for consumers to find new and interesting products.

On top of this, these platforms are constantly making it easier for businesses to reach consumers. E-commerce stores now have a way to create stoppable posts making it as simple as a click of a button for your consumers to buy from you.

Even though this is predominately offered to American businesses at this time, Instagram does a great job of not only making this simple from the user size, they have made it fairly easy for business as well. Check out the guide here.

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