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Today, Adapting is Key to Business Success

Local, provincial, and federal governments are offering bandaids for businesses to help mitigate the damage caused by halting our economy in an attempt to enforce social distancing and put the health of all Canadians first. These bandaids include: up to 75% emergency wage subsidies, delayed tax filing, CERB, BCAP, an increase to Farm Credit Canada, and $40,000 Canadian Emergency Business Account loans.

Even with all these options, many small businesses are faced with either closing their doors or adapting to the steep challenges they face today. We know that your business has been a labour of love that you are continually pouring everything you have into. If the idea of laying off employees, deflating on accounts payable and walking away from your business doesn’t fit, it’s time to adapt and find other ways to get your goods and services to your clients.

We are now seeing restaurants who closed their doors when ‘non-essential businesses’ were told to close, re-open with innovative takeout and delivery options of both ‘ready to eat’ and ‘take and bake’ options. Realtors and home builders have moved to appointment only and upped the quantity and quality of their virtual tours. Personal trainers and gyms are offering on-demand content for their clients. Banks and professional services have found ways to accept electronic signatures. And smaller stores with hard goods like clothing, home decor, and household goods are adding online shopping to their websites where it wasn’t before.

If you were thinking about expanding beyond your ‘brick and mortar’ store or restaurant before COVID 19, now is definitely the time to make the leap; especially if you are deemed a ‘non-essential’ service by the government.

Our team can work quickly with you to evaluate your options, design a plan you can implement, and help to get your business back up and running fast. From strategy and advertising, to online storefronts and order options, we are here to help you through this unprecedented time.

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