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What the heck is a CTA?

A CTA (call to action) is a term used in marketing that refers to the next step we as marketers would like the potential lead to take. Call's to action are an important tool to build audiences from and to drive that potential lead down the sales funnel.

To be effective, a CTA should be obvious. Think about what action you would like the view of the the CTA to take next. Is it to provide a name and phone number or is it to purchase your product directly from your site?

Traditionally speaking, popups on a website to sign up for their newsletter and forms to fill out to get more information are a couple common example you have probably seen or even filled out over the past number of years.

Today, we seem to be initiated with “Call now”, “book online”, “Buy” and “learn more” buttons in our social media feeds encouraging our impulse nature.

Source: Alberta Top Notch Movers Instagram Account Want to learn more about CTA's? Let's chat!

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