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What the heck is an API?

Application Programming Interface (API), in basic terms is a communication tool between applications. It allows different programs and apps to connect without needing to be developed by the same team. 

A great example of this the “Share on Facebook” or “Share on Twitter” buttons on articles and website, and in apps.  If you click one of these buttons, the site or page you’re on can communicate with your Facebook or Twitter account allowing you to share directly to you page.

Although this is a fairly common practice now days and obtaining the information (code) needed is straightforward, it is still best to have a developer add in/ create the API that is right on your website. Trust me, this isn’t a sales pitch. Coding properly is a learned skill and developers finesse the integration to your website ensuring not only that the API works, that it performs seamlessly, and that the outcome looks good. They also have the right language skills to talk to the programmer of software (such as CRM’s) that you might be trying to connect for lead generation.

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