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Why product descriptions matter

Have you ever picked up a bottle of shampoo or body wash and read the label? If you have, you've seen a product description.

Copywriters (people who write marketing copy) create product descriptions for either an existing product or a new product and, both are equally as important. In my experience, writing product descriptions is far more complex than writing copy for an ad. This is because the space for product descriptions is so limited and, it's a team effort in that the writer and creative team must find a balance between their visual aspects and delivering a quality description.

As the consumer of the product, you're most likely to read the description when you're ready to purchase. So, it's crucial that this description not only gives you the information you need to decide that product is right for you, but it must also align with the branding (including voice and tone) of the product and be visually tied to the graphics and typography on the rest of the label.

In the case of a 'new to the product' customer, the information delivered in the description very well might be what persuades them away from the competitor.

Recently we switched puppy shampoo, and the product description had a lot to do with this. Here's a quick run-through of how the label and product description influenced my purchase decision.


I'm a sucker for fun labels that features a clean design, and this product definitely delivered on both of those. The vibrant colours, accessible typography, and centred graphic caught my attention.


When I picked up the bottle, I noticed the label was broken into 3rd with the product description on either side of the visually appealing middle.

The description copy is written in a friendly tone and incorporates their environmental, clean-product, and animal care commitments. I also enjoyed the personality injected into the copy. In fact, it was the Instructions on the right 3rd of the label that sold me.

If you're a pet owner, the sentence about eliminating "all escape routes well in advance" and their top about a wet puppy being "smarter and faster than you are" was 100% relatable.

Looking back, can you think of a product description that influenced your purchasing decision? If so, we’d love to hear about it.

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