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Why voice consistency matters

We’ve talked a fair amount over the past few weeks about the importance of having a well executed brand and the role consistency plays in branding. Because brand recognition by logo alone doesn’t happen overnight for most businesses, building your brand voice through social media can help set your business apart from your competitors.

Since your brand’s voice is an integral part of your overall branding efforts from website copy and advertisements to posts on social media, it needs to have a consistent tone and messaging.

Photo Source: Pexels Just like with your logo, it is a good idea to strategize your voice to ensure it reflects the values, beliefs and overall brand strategy.

An example of what can happen if there isn’t voice consistency comes from a fantastic local small business who manage their own social media accounts down to the photos and content of their posts. In their case, the owner focuses on their Instagram account while his wife oversees their Facebook page. The Instagram posts are product specific, informative and to the point - reflecting the personality of the poster whereas the Facebook page is more upbeat and cheery with lots of exclamation marks. This business recently had a lead from their Facebook page who didn’t convert. When they reached out to the lead to find out why, they realized the person had one expectation from her interaction with the company through Facebook, and had a different experience with her face-to-face meeting with the owner. The lead actually felt the owner didn’t like her because he isn’t bubbly like the Facebook page posts.

This couple work hard, have an excellent product, and are a pleasure to deal with; unfortunately their Facebook page is hindering their business and needs to be revamped to match the voice of their owner, his values, and to match their Instagram.

Can you relate to these owners?

If so, don’t worry. Splashing Duck offers consulting services to guide you so you can do your own social media management the right way!

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